Clorox Webinar Recap: How Agile Market Research Spurs Innovation

Companies big and small are always looking for new innovative ways to quickly meet their research goals and objectives. Some organizations are investigating newer concepts like Design Thinking and big data analytics, while others are finding ways to apply growing technologies like mobile and social media analytics. This is also a time when many folks are beginning to consider online communities and agile market research strategies. This agile innovation approach has helped them stay ahead of aggressive timelines, while still connecting with their consumer to capture the quality insights needed.

The Small Guys Drive Innovation

It’s a universal truth within our world that research budgets are shrinking. Insights teams are constantly seeking to find quality insights with less and less budget. According to the 2014 Fall GreenBook Industry Trends Report, shrinking budgets and a rapidly changing technology landscape are driving change within the industry. A whopping 81% of client respondents surveyed for the report indicated this was their leading driver for change for insights teams.

Many researchers, especially the smaller insights teams, smaller brands, or even under resourced research teams within larger companies, do not have a lengthy stage-gate process that is optimally funded for extended iterative concept improvement. Most brands are time and budget challenged, they have to find effective ways to do more with less…while still achieving the same outcome as their fully funded counter parts.

This is when leveraging an agile market research methodology and toolset can really help. At GutCheck, we employ our automated recruitment technology to help field on-demand studies that capture the quick consumer read needed in days, rather than weeks or months. Our team of Online Research Strategists provide the quick read consumer insights you need to move forward and stay ahead of your project timeline.

Real World Example

The Clorox Emerging Brands team was facing a similar timing and budgetary challenge. They decided to implement agile market research in order to focus more on their time and on their decision making process.

Last week, Jaclyn Tucker, Clorox’s Associate Director – Global Insights – Emerging Brands and GutCheck’s CEO, Matt Warta, presented a webinar on how her team was able to gain a new level of quality insights in scrappier ways than traditional research techniques.

Here are a few discussion highlights from the presentation:

  • The research toolbox for smaller and emerging brands, versus that of a bigger brand
  • Some of the key tenets used for decision making by emerging brands team at Clorox
  • And two Clorox case studies which highlight these points

One example Jaclyn shared on the webinar is when the Clorox team was looking for help with packaging optimization, taste and preparation refinement, and new line extensions for their popular Soy Vay products. Watch the recorded webinar to hear how her team was able to employ agile market research tactics to help reach their required objectives and drive decisions that impact their business.

If you would like to view this webinar for yourself, you can watch it here.